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Henry Che

“Real estate investing has given me freedom and security, and I want to help other high-tech professionals like myself achieve that as well.”
- Henry Che


Hi! My name is Henry. I have to make some tough choices now and then, but the majority of my time is spent managing people and resources.

I am a full-time Pharmaceutical IT business owner AND a real estate investor, with a special focus on Illinois and Texas.

I came to America as one of the “boat people” refugees back in 1980 when my parents and two siblings escaped Vietnam by boat into Thailand. My parents’ family settled in Los Angeles, California, and built small family businesses as they adopted to their new life and future in this land of opportunity.

I came to appreciate the power of real estate when I saw how my parents eventually invested their meager earnings in real estate, focusing on strip malls and small apartment buildings in SoCal in poorer neighborhoods serving the mainly immigrant population.

My path was not without challenges and failures, culminating in losing two houses to foreclosure during the 2007-2008 financial crash. These were totally avoidable mistakes, and I would compound the error by hiding them from my parents because of shame. They would later tell me they would have gladly bought these “bad” investments from me and would have made a killing by holding onto them for another four years (they were right, of course).

Nothing teaches better than dumb mistakes—and I had very good teachers. I became more focused on finding deals, negotiating harder and managing more astutely. I would like to say it was all me, but it was mainly my wife, Delphine Nguyen, who poured countless efforts into building our knowledge and network to expand beyond my parents’ wildest dreams.

To succeed, we build up a strong network of partners, advisors, and professionals. We treat them fairly and profitably, and our returns from these relationships have paid off in the bottom line.

Creating profit for our investors is the primary goal, because the core group is our family and close friends. (We had come full circle when my parents became our first investors in our co-living investments, in some way making up for my earlier mishaps of not seeking their help during the financial crash.) Our extended family members depend on our investments to perform well to pay for vacations, college tuitions, early retirement, and a myriad of reasons. So, this is personal for us.

To this end, I focus on two goals daily—first is to communicate with new investors and second is to take care of our team. Taking care of the latter allows us to take care of the former. So, if you see me on social media or at your local Mariano’s store, please say, “Hi”, and offer any suggestions. Who knows, maybe we will be partners some day!