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Delphine Nguyen

"We all have the opportunity for continual growth and learning. The choice is ours as to whether or not we take advantage of that potential."
- Delphine Nguyen


Hi! My name is Delphine and I am a problem, or puzzle, solver. With billions of different possible combinations, there's always a new puzzle to solve.

I still find puzzles to be a challenge and a source of satisfaction. There's something about the feeling of finally putting all the pieces together and seeing the completed picture that is both exhilarating and gratifying.

When I first came to America almost two decades ago, I realized that it was a land of opportunities if we worked hard and had an attitude of coming from abundance, and not from scarcity.

I became a realtor to learn about real estate and started investing in single-family rentals. Being a mom and managing properties in different locations is honestly not easy even though the cash flow is great. "We need to find a better model to scale up," I told my husband.

Che Capital was founded after we successfully acquired multifamily apartments and land. It’s not just for our own portfolio, we help other investors to reap the benefits of real estate investing while freeing up their time to focus on themselves and their loved ones.

Attaining the CCIM (certified commercial investment member) designation was a major milestone in my career. Surrounding myself with commercial real estate leaders who have proven records of success in the field and have demonstrated a mastery of financial, market, and investment analysis has proven to be both professionally and personally rewarding. I am so glad I invested the time, money and energy to attain CCIM designation as it has paid off nicely for me and my investors.

Henry, my husband, and I are now the mentors to our daughters since they showed interest in becoming real estate investors. Besides teaching them how to build real estate wealth, we are intentionally equipping our daughters to become hardworking, responsible and contributing members of our community.

We are thankful to our great country, America. Anything is possible if you dream big, work hard and surround yourself with great partners and mentors. Here’s to your continued success!

Whether it's a puzzle with just a few pieces or one with thousands, there's always a sense of accomplishment in completing it. And that's why I'll always love puzzles or putting deals together.