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The information presented on this website and related pages likely contain information relating to one or more private placements of equity securities offered under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D as promulgated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”). Any information publicly available on this website is not an offer for the sale of securities. Any offerings referenced herein are qualified entirely by their respective private placement memoranda circulated by the issuers, and securities may only be offered and sold pursuant to such memorandum and applicable securities laws. Offerings are made only to persons who qualify as Accredited Investors, as defined by Rule 501 under Regulation D promulgated by the SEC. Investors will be required to verify and certify to such status. Moreover, unless expressly stated otherwise, securities are only offered by the issuer of such securities, by and through its general partner or manager and their direct agents, as applicable. Accordingly, though this website may contain information related to several offerings, each by separate issuers, the offerings are all offered by the same sponsor and governing principles, each on behalf of the respective issuers.

This information on this website and related pages does not purport to be all inclusive or to contain all of the information that a recipient may require to make an investment decision and is qualified in its entirety by the official offering materials for each respective offering, including private placement memoranda. NOTHING presented herein should be taken as investment, advisory, financial, or legal advice and all visitors are encouraged to seek their own legal and financial counsel prior to making any investment decisions. There is no guarantee that any of the estimates or projections presented will be achieved. The recipient should not rely on any information contained herein as no investment, divestment, or other financial decisions or actions should be based solely on the information on this site and related pages. Actual results will vary from the projections and such variations may be material, including the possibility that an investor may lose some or all of its invested capital. Nothing herein is investment advice.

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