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Delphine Nguyen


Henry Che


Angelique Che

Investor Relation

I’ve worked with Che Capital because they demonstrated a great deal of experience in finding & assessing real estate investment opportunities, packaging great deals, and partnering with new & experienced investors to deliver competitive ROI. They do the hard graft so you don’t have to, and are adept at ensuring alignment with all parties on all the details. My company has definitely benefitted from their professionalism, experience & efficiency, and we continue to look forward to a rewarding partnership with Che Capital. You can too.

Uche Amako

MiNATIVE Consulting

We are very happy we met Delphine years ago. If we have to pick Delphine’s best skill, it would be her negotiation techniques. How nice to have someone out there working on your behalf to grow your investment portfolio.

Joan H.

Founder of Major Systems, Inc. Retiree

We saw Che Capital’s work, and it opened our eyes to a new investment vehicle: multifamily syndication. I know that many corporate employees can spend their free time and make money work for them. So, we started investing with them, and it felt great when the distribution check came in. We now have an alternative vehicle to build our retirement fund.

Ram Y.

Telecom Engineer
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