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Investment Strategies

Land Development

Che Capital focuses on two main areas of real estate investment: land acquisition/development and multifamily/apartment acquisition. From the beginning of Che Capital, our core investors have been family and close friends, so managing our portfolio with utmost care is in our DNA. Che Capital continues to approach each investment with the strictest of discipline in all aspects, including acquisition, management and eventual sale to maximize our investor’s returns (past performance is not indicative of future results).

Acquisition Criteria

For land acquisition, Che Capital has a singular investment focus on Texas, specifically the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area in Northern Texas and the growing Austin-San Antonio corridor in Central Texas. Other checklist criteria are below.

  • At least 20 acres
  • Has (or potential to have) utilities onsite
  • Close proximity to airport, major highways, hospital, shopping
  • Opportunity Zone or TEA Zone (Targeted Employment Area) is a bonus
Che Capital’s focus on Texas allows us to build known and dependable third-party partners, including brokers, civil engineers, planners, lawyers and architects to drive to a successful investment outcome.
Land Investment
Land Development 1

Investment strategies

Che Capital’s disciplined investment strategy involves locating raw land and rezoning it to increase its value. The land entitlement process, otherwise known as rezoning, refers to obtaining the various approvals required to develop the land for a specific use. In our case, the use would be a retail center, apartment building or industrial park. These new uses dramatically increase the value of the land, allowing Che Capital to earn strong returns on our investment.

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Multifamily Apartment

Che Capital also focuses on multifamily (apartment) investments. We buy assets where we can add value through renovations, improving tenant experience and matching market values. Our disciplined approach pays off with superior returns for our investors (past performance is not indicative of future results).
Multifamily Apartment 2
Multifamily Apartment 1

Acquisition Criteria

For multifamily apartments, Che Capital focuses on markets with a growing employment and population base, especially of the prime working ages of 25-50. Other checklist criteria are below.
  • Sunbelt states
  • 100 units plus
  • Class B, C
  • Close proximity to major employers, schools, shopping centers, hospital

Investment strategies

Che Capital’s disciplined investment strategy involves careful study of key considerations such as the local market conditions, the asset’s financials and occupancy rates to find good targets. Once acquired, Che Capital will hold onto the asset until we can fully execute our renovations, executing management changes to improve tenant experience and optimizing rental incomes to match current market conditions. When the timing is right, Che Capital will either refinance to return some investor capital or sell outright to earn a strong return on capital for our investors.
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